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How do you know that you are keeping informed about changes to customs law, policy and procedures affecting your business?

 We do not really bother about it
 Our import clearance agent looks after this
 We rely on the trade press
 We do our own research on the web
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Discover how you can improve your business success today

You have come to the right place if you …. Download Newsletter
  • import or export goods, or use them in your business
  • pay customs duties
  • respond to invitations to tender involving the international movement of goods
  • manage a supply chain
You might feel (more than most) anxious at the thought of whether you could do more in terms of customs compliance, saving customs duty and contributing via import/export management to business success. Can you guarantee that you are doing every single thing possible? If you automatically thought no ……..or felt unsure, then read on.

The fact is you can never feel 100% certain; importing and exporting rules, procedures and arrangements are complex and often changing aren't they? All those tricky bits and pieces, curious forms to fill in, procedures to follow, codes to find, public notices to check and terminology and rules you think everybody else understands (when actually they probably don't!) But don't think of all those rules, forms and procedures that might catch you out. Instead, imagine saying yes to getting some specialist help from Quadrel and seeing how relieved you'll feel – knowing precisely where you stand.

You gain benefits for your business if you:
  • manage your customs and trade compliance;
  • reduce import duties;
  • resolve difficulties with UK Customs;
  • achieve process efficiencies; and
  • manage risk
So…. we work with you to ensure that your business plans and decisions are made which take account of customs implications and which optimize beneficial customs and trade arrangements as far as possible. We work with you to turn direct and indirect costs of importing into bottom line savings for you. You can save time, effort and money, gain higher productivity and competitive edge over other businesses that just "muddle" along.

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........................we are still here to help you though!

Are you concerned, unsure or thinking about Union Customs Code (UCC), Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)??? Contact us...

Are you involved in e-commerce, buying or selling on-line or thinking about it - do you know about the customs duty and VAT implications??? Contact us....

Contact us now pb@quadrel.co.uk or 02392 251515

Welcome to the Quadrel web site .... this is a business web site for commercial importers and exporters and those involved in international trade who need information and professional advice about customs laws and customs duties (import taxes) and how they impact on their business.

If you could simplify or solve one customs issue in your business, what would it be?

Contact us now pb@quadrel.co.uk or 02392 251515

As well as customs advice, we offer the following short courses:

Introduction to importing (one day)
Introduction to exporting ( one day)
Export and import documents (one day)
Incoterms (half day)
Customs issues in sourcing and procurement (half day)
Customs compliance and customs duty (one day)
Customs duty reliefs (half day)
Customs origin (half day)
Tariff classification (half day)
Customs valuation (half day)
Customs planning (half day)
Customs audits (half day)
AEO basics (half day)

Ask us for the details you need. Contact us now pb@quadrel.co.uk or 02392 251515

All courses will be delivered at a time and a location to suit you, (not to suit us!)

We will tailor or any course to make sure you get what you need - or we will create a new one for you. We can help you if you want our help. Do you?


Wrestling with AEO? Need information, evaluation, application support?

Wrestling with BEPS? Reviewing transfer pricing? Reviewing customs values?

Trying to get to grips with customs valuation and transfer pricing? Not sure how they are connected?

Worried about how to disclose retrospective upward pricing adjustments which affect past import declarations?

Or pricing adjustments are downwards so you want to obtain repayment of overpaid duty? Then talk to us………………..

BEPS, transfer pricing, customs valuation…. our international tax associates and customs specialists can provide the help you need.

Contact us now pb@quadrel.co.uk or 02392 251515


We provide information, advice, advocacy and training to importers and exporters like you to help you understand how customs laws affect your business, how to manage your customs compliance and how to save customs duty. That way you become more productive and profitable.

What is the cost of doing nothing about that customs issue? Get in touch..........

What frustration do you face managing customs compliance? Talk to us............

Are you struggling with a lack of customs information? Ask us.....

Do you need to save duty but just don't know how you can achieve that? Contact us...............

Whatever you need (or even if you don't actually know what you need), get in touch with us to learn how we can help you............

How can we help you? Contact us now............

pb@quadrel.co.uk or 02392 251515

Benefits to your business

Increased shareholder, stakeholder, owner value; … enhanced ROCE; ….. economic value added; these are the beneficial outcomes that flow directly and indirectly from ensuring customs and international trade compliance and from pro-active customs planning. Why? How? Want to know more?

Identifying your needs

Uncertain if you have a need? Not convinced this is an area of real benefit for your business? Needs may take the form of risks or opportunities. A risk is a potential exposure; an opportunity is a potential improvement.

Let’s take a quick look at a few questions; any one of them could be the starting point for thinking about improving your business. …. answering “no” or “not sure “ or even “what does that mean?” suggests an unexplored risk or opportunity for your business... click to view